Karnes County Oil Truck Traffic Provokes Increase in Area Accidents

The stretch of FM near Kenedy, in Karnes County Texas has been recently named “The Death Trap,” by locals in the region who are familiar with the dangerous road frequented by a growing number of18 wheelers and oil field workers flocking to the area.

Twelve people have been killed in traffic related accidents in Karnes County in the last six months alone, provoking worry about the ability to support the increased trucking and oil field traffic in a community that has not yet adjusted to the energy boom.

Commercial vehicle accidents in the county have grown by more than 1,000%, according to number published by the Texas Department of Transportation. Roadways previously designed to hold minimal traffic see hundreds of commercial vehicles a day with the accompaniment of the Eagle Ford Shale energy boom.

In addition to the influx of traffic, fatigued oil field workers traveling to and from work sites and home make the region even more dangerous when combined with ravaged roads, damaged from the rising traffic and heavy loads.

The sheer size and weight of equipment and trucks hauling loads combined with distractions and fatigue make oil field truck accidents even more serious, often resulting in serious injuries and death for passenger vehicle occupants involved.

Some locals place responsibility for road upkeep on the truck and oil companies frequenting the highways and roadways shared by county residents. Regardless, safer roadways, attentive and well-trained drivers as well as care by all drivers traveling through the region is imperative to safeguarding residents and workers.

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