Kathryn Knotts: Bryan-College Station Attorney Must-Haves

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Nov-2012

Bryan-College Station personal injury attorney, Kathryn Knotts, who has been with The Carlson Law Firm since 2005, recently let us delve a little deeper into who she is. What better way to see what makes her tick than by peeking into her must-haves; you know, the kind of things she carries with her each and every day.

Whether she’s in the office, attending one of the various associations or groups in her Bryan-College Station community or headed to court, check out some of the items that help power Kathryn through each and every busy day.

1. Starbucks Coffee – Venti Café Mocha, Hazelnut Syrup, No Whip.

2. Stress Relief Lotion – I love this lotion and it reminds me to take a deep breath and stay calm when I am busy.

3. Mini Flashlight – because you never know when you will need it. I also use it to dig in the black hole called my purse when I can’t find something.

4. Mary Kay Lipstick and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

5. A&M Women’s Basketball Season Tickets – I love Aggie Basketball! My husband and I have season tickets. I keep them with me so I can always have them ready for the game or to give away if I can’t make the game. Go Aggies!

6. Keys with Aerofit Gym Pass – I love swimming because it is great exercise, helps me focus and keep my mind clear.

7. Miniature donkey – I love donkeys and have several in my office. This little one is so festive – it reminds me to always have fun!

8. Hand sanitizer

9. Barnes and Noble Member Card – I enjoy reading in my free time and always have my member discount card handy. You can never have too many books.

10. Nametag – I am very involved in the community with ABWA and the Chamber of Commerce so I always need to have my nametag ready.

11. Tide to Go – I have a knack for spilling on myself.

12. Natural Almonds – my go to snack when I don’t have time to eat

13. Painting with a Twist Card – this is a recent pastime of mine and I really enjoy it. I love spending time with friends and painting. Thankfully, talent is not a requirement.

14. Business Cards – always, always, always have these with me!

15. Notepad – always have one available to jot down notes at meetings, reminders or information that can help me in business and life.

16. Pens!!! I LOVE pens! You will never find me without a pen, or two or ten in my purse.

17. Phone – I use my phone to stay connected with my office when I am on the go. Being available to serve our clients is important to me.

18. Photo of my mom and nephew – Answered Prayers. In 2010 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to early detection and the grace of God, my mom is a Survivor. My brother and sister in law’s Christmas card to family that year was – Answered Prayers. I keep this card with me to remind me how important family is to me and to always make time for them. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.


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