KBR Responsible for 2003 Toxin Exposure

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Nov-2012

KBR Inc., a private military contractor, headquartered out of Houston, has been found negligent after several National Guard soldiers accused them of exposing them to dangerous toxins while in Southern Iraq.

The National Guard members alleged that KBR Inc. knew they were exposing them to Sodium dichromate, containing hexavalent chromium, a dangerous carcinogen that some say provoked serious reparatory complications and skin conditions.

According to the soldiers who filed the lawsuit against KBR, they were exposed to the dangerous chemicals at the water plant during 2003, when they were supported by KBR Inc. The National Guard service members were providing security for workers in the region, they said.

According to the 12 soldiers up against the private military contractor, the chemical blew around the water plant in the region.

More than 100 soldiers in other states have sued KBR Inc. as a result of the exposure at the water plant at Qarmat Ali.

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