Killeen Woman Dies in Belton Car Accident on 190

A Killeen woman was killed in a rollover accident on Highway 190 Sunday morning, which involved two vehicles and two drivers.

According to police, the Killeen woman killed in the car accident attorneys in Killeen as 53-year-old Susan Cameron.

Cameron was transported to Scott & White Memorial Hospital with injuries resulting from the car accident in Belton. She later passed away from the injuries she endured.

The other driver involved in the accident was also transported to the hospital with injuries tied to the car accident on US 190.

Both vehicles were traveling east on 190 when they collided, causing the cars to rollover. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

In many situations, rollover accidents include a single vehicle, resulting when a car, truck or SUV becomes tripped up or loses control. When a car overturns, the roof, roof pillars, glass, seatbelts, airbags and other auto safety products are designed to protect the occupants from serious head injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, spine injuries and even death. Auto manufacturers have the technological capabilities to offer consumers a safe vehicle that protects them during serious car accidents, even rollovers.

But while auto makers have the knowledge to protect drivers and passengers during serious auto accidents, defective auto products and design flaws can leave occupants vulnerable to severe injury.

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