KISD Groundhog Day Job Shadow Day 2013

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 30-Jan-2013

Growing up, we’ve all wondered what career path we’d like to take, but not every child has the opportunity to fully explore their interests making local shadowing programs vital to our local students. And at The Carlson Law Firm, one of our greatest passions is improving the legal climate and community in Texas: helping advocate for the rights of our clients by promoting fairness and justice.

One of the ways we hope we can promote change and progress in the legal industry is by sharing our passion for helping others with young people interested in Texas law.

Students attending KISD schools are learning more about future job opportunities and exploring future career endeavors through the “Groundhog Job Shadow Day” initiative, which allows students to shadow professionals across Killeen.

January Jones, a Carlson Law Firm personal injury attorney in Killeen, hosted one student today, highlighting the behind the scenes workings of being a Central Texas lawyer.

“Some kids are never provided the opportunity to see professionals in action.” Jones said. “Being able to show students the realities of a career helps them know what to expect, instead of what is dramatized on television.”

For more information about the KISD Groundhog Job Shadow Day, visit the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce Public Education Committee.


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