Law Firm Investigators Receive Accident Reconstruction Certification

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 22-May-2013

Just like the attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm, the rest of the firm’s staff constantly strives to improve every aspect of client advocacy and representation. The investigation surrounding auto accidents, commercial vehicle collisions and other personal injury situations is one of the most vital components of uncovering more details about those liable for injuries and wrongful death.

Law Firm Investigators: Auto Accident Evidence

At The Carlson Law Firm, the importance of each and every case pushes dedicated investigators to constantly seek out the newest information about accident reconstruction, crash testing, scene photography time and distance and accident analysis in order to gain imperative information about our clients’ cases.

In recent efforts to improve the way we investigate the gamete of motor vehicle accidents our clients endure (from collisions involving passenger cars to 18 wheeler accidents), our team of investigators received certification from the Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists. By completing a course of instruction, they received information and training comprised of: crash test, tire disablements, nighttime photography, rotational mechanics, heavy truck rollover, HVEDR Analysis and time and distance studies.

The Role of Legal Investigators

“One of the aspects of our firm that really sets us apart is the access we have to on-staff investigators, who are able to immediately begin gathering evidence related to our clients cases,” said Carlson Law Firm Managing Partner, Craig Carlson. “We’ve had many situations where the information our investigators uncovered became an imperative component in a case.”

Investigators with The Carlson Law Firm work on cases across the state, operating from the firm’s 10 office locations spanning Texas. With military, FBI and law enforcement experience, the team of dedicated investigators are familiar with the minute details associated with a variety of personal injury matters, from accidents involving semi-trucks to pedestrian accident to motorcycle collisions.

“We’re blessed to have such experienced investigators on our staff. To be able to walk down the hall or pick up the phone and have access to the resources and wealth of information they offer is so important to our success,” Carlson said.


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