Wire Lodges in Child’s Ankle After Cable Technician’s Negligence

A family is alleging that their minor child is now living with a wire lodged in his ankle after a major cable and internet provider technician negligently left a wire behind. The Carlson Law Firm’s Steve Dummitt has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a San Antonio family after what should’ve been ordinary yard work ended in a trip to the ER.

Days before our young client began mowing his lawn, a technician from a major cable and internet provider installed services in his San Antonio home. Upon completing the installation, the technician left the home in a hurry without bothering to clean up dangerous debris, such as metal wires, outside of the home.

Our client began the chore wearing just a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers—normal teen lawn-mowing attire. Minutes into the job, he mowed over the metallic wire negligently left behind by the cable and internet technician. Without warning, the wire accelerated by the lawn mower blade, shot from its hidden position in the grass and lodged into the front of the child’s left ankle.

Because of the technician’s rush to complete the job, he was negligent in cleaning up dangerous materials. Consequently, the wire firmly embedded into our client’s ankle. With the pain pulsating through his ankle, our client’s family rushed him to the hospital. After arriving, the medical team made its first attempt to remove the wire from our client’s ankle. Unfortunately, this initial attempt to remove the wire resulted in the wire breaking off into the client’s bone.

As a result, hospital staff performed surgery in an attempt to remove the remaining wire. This, however, was also unsuccessful and the wire broke into another small piece. Because the wire broke below the joint line, hospital staff decided not to proceed with more attempts to remove it. Our client’s healthcare professionals believed that they would further damage our client’s ankle if they continued.

“Many people may not know that they can hold companies responsible when their employees are negligent in this way,” Dummitt said. “It’s very easy to blame yourself because of someone else’s fault. But when there is a direct correlation between your injury and the activities of another person, you should contact an attorney. We already know summer is trauma season for children 17 and under; kids get injured at camps, water parks and everything else imaginable. But the injury this young client experienced was an entirely preventable summer injury that happened in the place he should be safe from a company’s negligence. His own home.”

It is common knowledge that lawn mowers can shoot debris at the same speed as a gun. However, to some, it may be unclear to just how serious and life-altering these injuries can be. To this day, our client is living in pain with a metal wire embedded in his ankle.

Mowing the lawn is a great way to build character and teach a child the value of hard work. It is also a way many young people can earn extra money or an allowance during the summer months. Although the lawn mower, itself, is associated with injuring more than 4,500 children through cuts, burns and amputations each year, there are several other surprising dangers that even the most careful and experienced lawn mower operator can’t prepare for.

The case is currently in the beginning stages of litigation. But it still remains a lesson for cable technicians who are often in a rush. Taking a few extra seconds to clean up after yourself can keep kids working toward being responsible or earning a little money this summer safe.

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help with Summertime Lawn Mower Injuries

When the kids are out of school, you think of ways to keep them occupied. Instilling responsibility and values through lawn care is just one of the many ways parents accomplish this. As part of the lawn mowing process, we often look for large rocks or toys left in the yard. A small wire left behind by a cable and internet technician is not something that would regularly cross anyone’s mind. These employees have a responsibility to you and your family. Part of that responsibility is to keep all hazardous material clear of situations that could injure you or your children. You should not have to pay for the negligence of a company or their employees. Contact The Carlson Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with a qualified personal injury attorney.


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