Listeria Contamination in Cantaloupes Traced to Dirty Packing Plant

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Oct-2011

The Listeria outbreak that has plagued cantaloupes derived from a Jensen Farms in Colorado, killing as many as 25 people from across the nation has been linked to a dirty packing facility, authorities say.

While 25 people have been killed by the contaminated fruit, 123 people have fallen ill as a result of eating the cantaloupe. One pregnant woman endured a miscarriage as a result of consuming the Listeria ridden cantaloupe.

While investigations regarding the source of contamination continue, the FDA recently ruled out animal feces, soil and water as causing the outbreak.

On the other hand, the packing company where the cantaloupe was processed was operating under filthy conditions and may have been infected with cattle feces. Water gathered on the ground of the plant, nearby vehicles and poor cleaning efforts were noted to be problems associated with the Listeria outbreak among fruit that passed through the facility.

According to an FDA statement, the packing plant was constructed in a way that made it difficult to keep clean and sanitary.

Listeria can originate in both animal feces and rotting vegetables, a fact that is concerning since the plant is and has been used for a variety of raw fruits and vegetables.

In addition to poor sanitation of the plant used to process the cantaloupes, the fruit was not allowed to cool before it was placed within cold storage. Instead, the cantaloupe went straight from the field to refrigeration, promoting condensation and possible growth of Listeria, according to the FDA.

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