Loop 410 Truck Crash Kills One, Injures Another

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Mar-2012

A big rig accident in San Antonio, involving two 18 wheeler trucks and a pickup truck in the southbound lanes of Loop 410, left the driver of one of the big rigs dead and resulted in extensive closures, officials said Monday.

Police identified the driver of one of the trucks, who was killed in the tragic accident as, 52-year-old Jack Vance, of Michigan.

According to reports by KSAT, the driver of one of the 18 wheeler trucks came to a stop in the fast lane of the roadway. A second big rig could not stop soon enough and slammed into the rear of the first 18 wheeler. The driver of the second 18 wheeler truck was pronounced dead at the scene of the 18 wheeler accident in San Antonio.

A third vehicle, a pickup truck, was also unable to stop in time and crashed into the back of the second 18 wheeler truck. The driver of that third truck was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center with serious injuries, emergency crew members said.

No other injuries have been reported yet, although police are still investigating the 18 wheeler accident on Loop 410.

Authorities identified the driver of the first truck as 30-year-old Andre Dixon.

According to police, the driver of the 18 wheeler that initially stopped is being charged with criminally negligent homicide for not only stopping in the fast lane of the roadway but also for failing to place cones around his truck, a violation of federal and state transportation regulation codes. He’ll face

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