Los Fresnos Woman Killed in Tire Blowout

A Los Fresnos woman was killed in a rollover accident on Highway 77near Sarita, Texas when one of the tires on her SUV blew out, causing her to lose control of the vehicle on Saturday, Department of Public Safety officials said.

The woman was identified as 44-year-old Beatriz Cruz-Garcia. Cruz-Garcia was transported to the hospital following the car accident near Sarita, where she was later pronounced dead, authorities noted.

According to police, there were three young children who were passengers in the SUV at the time of the tire blowout accident. All three children were transported to the hospital with injuries resulting from the rollover. Their injuries were non-life threatening, police revealed.

As summer heats up, tire blowout accidents are becoming increasingly common. Increasing temperature make tires that may already possess defects or flaws even more dangerous. A tire that may have received improper maintenance, tires that do not offer adequate support to the vehicle they are outfitted on and even defective tires are just some of the problems sometimes associated with tires, which could become deadly at highway speeds and during warm weather.

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