Lubbock Teen Motorcyclist Killed in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident on I-40

A Lubbock 15-year-old was killed in a Texas 18 wheeler accident on I-40, while traveling back from a motorcycle road trip in Oklahoma with his father on Friday, police said.

Authorities identified the young man as Donald Waldenmayer III, who, despite only having his motorcycle learner’s permit, was described, by his father, as having thousands of miles of experience riding.

According to officials, the young man was attempting to pass the big rig, when the 18 wheeler truck veered, crashing in to Waldenmayer III, on Interstate 40 in Texas. The young man’s father, Donald Waldenmayer Jr., reportedly watched the 18 wheeler collision with his son’s motorcycle through his rearview mirror, unable to help.

Police said the impact of the 18 wheeler truck with the young motorcyclist, knocked his helmet off, causing serious head injuries. Waldenmayer III was pronounced dead at the scene of the 18 wheeler accident on Interstate 40 near Allenreed.

The driver of the tractor trailer was identified as Billy Norris, 56. He was traveling with a passenger, his wife: Toni Gale Norris. Both are residents of Cave City, Arkansas. The couple was trapped in the 18 wheeler and experienced non-life threatening injuries.

18 wheeler accidents are dangerous enough when they involve small passenger vehicles, but the existence of motorcyclists on the road make safe driving by truck drivers imperative to protecting vehicles and motorcyclists traveling nearby. The lack of protection and vulnerability of motorcyclists can often be deadly when truck drivers are not adequately trained, inattentive or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Trucking companies and the insurance companies representing them are quick to begin investigating the occurrence of an 18 wheeler accident, making it extremely important for those involved in such an accident to seek the representation of qualified and experienced attorneys, familiar with all that an 18 wheeler accident entails.

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