Man Critically Injured in Bellmead Accident Involving 18 Wheeler

A car accident involving an 18 wheeler truck left one man in critical condition on Tuesday after his passenger vehicle rear-ended a big rig that was pulled onto the shoulder of the roadway.

Police identified the man as 25-year-old Britton Phythian, who was transported to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center after the 18 wheeler accident in Bellmead.

According to a report published by KWTX, Phythian was traveling on the I-35 access road in Bellmead when his vehicle struck the 18 wheeler truck, which was reportedly experiencing mechanical issues. The driver of the truck did not endure injuries as a result of the collision in Bellmead.

While paying close attention to the roadways ahead and traffic on the roadways is important for drivers, it is also vital for the drivers of large trucks and commercial vehicles to practice proper procedures when experiencing issues, pulling to the side of the road and operating potentially dangerous, large vehicles.

Most standards require truck driver to use specific equipment to notify oncoming traffic of the existence of their vehicle, even when pulled onto a shoulder. Flares, cones and other equipment can help ensure other drivers can easily spot a truck and make room accordingly.


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