Man Dies of Injuries from December Livestock Accident on Hwy 6

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 14-Jan-2014

An accident involving a horse in the road left an Eddy resident in serious conditions from injuries sustained in the wreck on Hwy 6. The man later died from those injuries, police reported on Tuesday.

The man injured in the horse accident was identified as 48-year-old Randall Cortasie.

The collision with the horse in the road occurred on December 31st last year. Cortasie was transported to Scott & White hospital in Temple, where he remained until he passed away as a result of the single vehicle accident.

As a result of the crash on Hwy 6, the horse was also killed. No information regarding who owned the horse and why it was in the roadway was released by officials.

Livestock Accident Attorneys in Texas

Accidents involving animals in the roadway can be horrific, even when only one vehicle is involved in the crash. But despite the simple facts involved, victims and their family members are often left searching for answers to questions surrounding.

The owners of animals, who’ve let their animals wander into busy roadways or failed to properly are often responsible for the injuries and death caused when a vehicle slams into the animals.

At The Carlson Law Firm, we’ve been helping victims and their family members mourning the loss of a loved one, killed in a livestock accident, for years. With specific experience with livestock accidents in counties around the state, we have access to investigators, right on our staff, who can immediately begin compiling information related to our clients accidents.

Acting quickly, before road marking and witness accounts become faded, while understanding the stock laws specific to the place where a livestock accident has occurred are vital aspects that make the aid of an attorney an important part of seeking justice and compensation for injuries, loss time from work and other damages. Call today for a free initial consultation. We care. We can help.


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