Man Killed in Rollover Car Accident in Austin

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 7-Aug-2013

A single vehicle accident in Austin left one man dead last Friday when the driver of a Ford Explorer SUV lost control of the vehicle and it rolled, ejecting the victim on I-35 near Parmer Lane.

The victim who was killed in the rollover accident was identified as 29-year-old Jeremy Robert Garcia. No other people were injured in the Austin rollover accident. Police are still looking to uncover what may have caused Garcia to lose control of the vehicle in the first place.

Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition SUV’s have long been under the scrutiny of safety experts after issues erupted related to the tires and overall crashworthiness of the vehicles. SUV’s already have a higher risk of rolling, especially during situations where a driver may over correct or the vehicle becomes instable or tripped up on a surface or debris.

Although some newer models of SUV’s and pickup trucks are equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) to prevent rollover accidents in some situations, older models are not equipped with this new technology. Additionally, many rollover crashes take place on an uneven surface, which can deem ESC much less effective at preventing an instance of rollover.

If you have been injured or had a loved one pass away as a result of injuries sustained in a rollover accident where equipment caused the accident or failed to protect occupants within it, call our rollover accident attorneys for a free initial consultation today. We care. We can help.


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