Man Killed in San Antonio Rollover Accident

A man was killed in a rollover accident in San Antonio, police said, after he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to overturn early Sunday morning.

Police identified the man as 26-year-old Alejandro Sanchez.

No other passengers or vehicles were involved in the rollover accident in San Antonio. Police are still investigating what may have caused Sanchez to lose control of his car on Joint Military Base Road at Lackland Air Force base.

After a rollover accident, it can be easy to look for details or factors that we could have done differently, in order to avoid the injuries and death accompanying such a tragedy. But while many factors can contribute to a rollover accident, sometimes, the very thing that was supposed to protect occupants can be traced as the cause of a rollover crash.

Although technology is transforming and creating much safer vehicles, some auto manufacturers choose to ignore emerging data and information about possible ways of protecting occupants, in order to protect their bottom line. Auto defects, including bad tires, lacking crashworthiness in regards to the roof of a vehicle and even inadequate glass are all just some of the culprits that can fail to protect and restrain occupants during a car accident.

In some circumstances, inadequate roof pillars can fail to protect the space between a passenger’s head and the roof, causing serious head injuries and neck injuries as the vehicle overturns and the roof hits the ground, or other surfaces.

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