Man Killed in Temple Car Accident on I-35

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Dec-2013

As storms hit Central Texas and the surrounding regions in Texas, drivers are experiences some of the woes associated with icy conditions and roadways. A Temple car accident left one man dead Friday morning when he was struck by another vehicle while checking his own.

Police said the man stepped out of his car after striking a guard rail. As he was checking his car, he was struck by an oncoming vehicle, authorities said. Police closed the roadway while investigating the scene of the Temple accident on I-35 near Baker Blvd.

The man who was killed was identified as 53-year-old Nolanville resident, Raymondo Carrasco Sr.

Police said weather may have provoked the accident.

Despite the challenges that drivers face during acclimate weather conditions, there are several precautions that can help keep drivers, the passengers and occupants in surrounding vehicles safe from the risks and harm associated with icy and slick roads. Some of the things drivers can do to reduce the risk of a collision or accident, include:

1. Check Your Equipment. Tires and other vehicle equipment are vital to keeping occupants safe and offering traction on slippery roads. Replacing aged and worn equipment and checking for recalls can be a good way to insure equipment is operating at an optimum level. Wiper blades are another important piece of equipment during icy, snowy and rainy conditions.

2. Use Your Lights. It may seem like a no brainer, but using your headlights is an imperative part of making sure other drivers can see you and your vehicle.

3. Don’t panic or jerk the wheel. When ice is involved, a little steering can go a long way. Jerking or overcorrecting is one of the most common reasons that drivers lose control of a vehicle, possibly prompting a single vehicle accident or rollover wreck.

4. Know your route. Understanding the roads you take can help drivers maneuver them more easily, especially when ice and snow is involved.

5. Slow Down. Even vehicle equipped with the newest technology is no match for icy conditions. Slowing down allows drivers time to react to other vehicles adjusting to the weather and even debris, animals and other collisions.

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