Man Suspected of Intoxication Smashes into Bryan Apartment

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Dec-2011

The man who crashed into the apartment of a Bryan, Texas family has admitted to consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms prior to the accident that displaced countless families inhabiting the apartment building, police said.

The West University Gardens apartments were the location of a crash involving a man’s pickup truck, leaving three families, including 8 people, without a place to stay.

Austin Hasten, 21, crashed his Dodge truck into the room where the Flores family’s baby usually sleeps, before smashing into the apartment’s bedroom closet and coming to a halt. Hasten fled the scene but was apprehended by police. He was charged with intoxication assault.

Ishmael Flores was knocked unconscious when the impact of the crash catapulted a piece of sheetrock his way. He was transported to St. Joseph hospital with minor injuries.

But while the injuries resulting from the accident were mild, the damage has left the property manager at West University Gardens scrambling to repair the apartments so tenants can move back into their homes.

Hasten was previously charged with a DWI last year, officials said.


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