Marlin Police Chief in Critical Condition After Rollover Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Nov-2012

A Marlin police chief was seriously injury in a rollover accident on Hwy 6, while driving his personal SUV near Falls County Road 121, officials reported.

Authorities identified the police chief as Darrell Allen, who was traveling in a 2004 Ford Explorer at the time of the single vehicle accident. Officials believe Allen lost control of the SUV and overcorrected in an attempt to regain control of the Explorer vehicle. He was ejected as a result of the crash, police said.

Officials said Allen had been working in Waco and was off duty at the time of the Falls County rollover crash.

Ford Explorer SUV’s, especially older models, have been plagued by the risk of rolling. Under fire as a result of defective tires, Ford endured lawsuits and reports of injuries linked to flawed Firestone tires in previous years.

While not all rollover accidents are linked to auto flaws, some accidents and resulting injuries and death may be tied to failures in the safety equipment or the vehicle itself. Defective seatbelts, flawed glass and inadequate airbags may not operate correctly, causing some victims of rollover wrecks to be ejected from the vehicle, when they, otherwise, may have been protected by properly operating equipment in the vehicle.

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