McGregor, Tx 18 Wheeler Accident Injures One

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-May-2013

An 18 wheeler accident in McGregor sent the female driver of a pickup truck to the hospital after the big rig struck the vehicle she was driving, causing it to roll, officials reported.

The accident occurred on U.S. Hwy 84, on the access road.

According to police, the semi-truck involved in the McGregor accident was hauling livestock at the time of the collision. That driver was not injured in the Central Texas crash.

The woman who was injured was transported to the hospital, though officials said her injuries were non-life threatening.

Commercial vehicle traffic combined with long stretches of construction zones in the Central Texas region have been a serious combination that has resulted in many accident and collision in the region. With the presence of extensive construction comes the need for drivers of passenger vehicles and 18 wheelers alike to pay close attention to the roadways and surrounding automobiles.

When an injury accident involving a semi-truck occurs, the result can be much more complex than a collision involving only passenger vehicles. Multiple parties responsible and a variety of factors can make it even more important for victims to seek the advocacy of an experienced 18 wheeler attorney in Waco. While there are a variety of lawyers and personal injury law firms available, choosing a commercial accident lawyer with specific experience dealing with the complications, various responsible parties and truck insurance companies is vital to protecting oneself and family from the hardships accompanying a traffic accident.


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