McMurry Football Players Injured in Rollover

A McMurry University football coach and two players were injured in an SUV rollover accident on Tuesday, police said, when the rear tire of the Ford Explorer SUV blew out.

The rollover accident on Highway 36 in Abilene was attributed by officials to a loss of control by the driver after the vehicle endured a tire blowout. An additional passenger in the SUV, also a football player with the university, was not injured in the rollover accident on Highway 36.

Authorities identified the McMurry football players as Corey Hall, Markell Rice, and Tyrese Hall. McMurry Coach, Kendall Todd was also transported to the hospital as a result of the single-vehicle accident in Abilene. House was, reportedly, ejected from the vehicle as a result of the rollover.

The ages of the players and coach were not revealed by authorities.

Some SUV’s, particularly, older models of For Explorers have struggled with accidents caused by tire blowouts. The infamous Firestone tire recall resulted in both Ford and Firestone to dispute who was at fault for the defects that caused countless accidents, complaints, and suits. But despite past recalls and struggles by the automaker in regards to tire safety among its fleet of SUV’s older models continue to emerge within news stories as the subject of serious rollover accidents provoked by tire blowouts.

In some situations, the tires recommended by a manufacturer may not be adequate for the size and weight of the vehicles, putting excessive pressure on the tires and affecting the tire pressure. Imbalanced tire pressure can be particularly dangerous during the warm summer months in a hot climate, like in Texas.

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