Medical Emergency Accident Causes Lake Worth Parking Lot Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Aug-2012

Six people were struck in a Lake Worth Target parking lot accident on Saturday, resulting in the death of a young girl, officials said.

The young girl, who died as a result of the parking lot pedestrian accident, was identified as 7-year-old Savanna Deegear.

Nine-year-old Jianna Fariaf was also struck by the wayward vehicle in the Lake Worth shopping center parking lot. She was transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. The impact of the pedestrian accident sent her flying the windshield of a vehicle close by.

Police identified the driver of the pickup that struck several people in the parking lot, as 82-year-old Vicente Martinez. Officials believe that Martinez may have been suffering from a diabetic seizure, which may have caused him to lose control of the pickup truck, hitting several people in the Ross parking lot and Target parking lot.

Despite the medical emergency, Martinez may still be charged with manslaughter.

The other people who were struck in the parking lot were identified as 40-year-old Carol Guzman and 25-year-old Percella Blanco and her young children, 4-year-old Isaiah and 5-year-old Isidro. Percella was recently listed in critical condition as a result of the accident in Lake Worth. She was transported to Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth.

Some illnesses or medical conditions can affect the ability of a person to safely operate a vehicle. Seizures, including diabetic seizures and epileptic seizures, can cause loss of control while operating a vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident and serious injuries.

The application form for new driver’s licenses and renewal applications in Texas ask applicants whether they have diabetes “that is treated by insulin injections or has had loss of consciousness within the last 12 months,” according to the American Diabetes Association. Medical evaluations may be required for those taking insulin or those who have experienced a loss of consciousness in the last three years, the Association notes.

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