Metro Rail Crashes into Dump Truck, Injures 15

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Oct-2011

A Metro Rail collision with a Houston dump truck yesterday continues to baffle investigators on the scene as they search for parties involved and uncover more about the details of the truck accident.

Fifteen people were taken to the hospital as a result of the collision, including the driver of the dump truck and the operator of the rail.

According to officials on the scene and video released of the rail accident, the driver of the dump truck ran a red light, causing the Metro light rail car to smash into the truck and derail from the track.

While the accident has jarred passengers and passersby, police are even more confused by the disappearance of the driver of the dump truck, Paniagua Priscilliano Espino of Espino Trucking, Fresno, Texas. Though Espino was transported to the hospital, he had left by the time police arrived to question him and never sought treatment for his injuries.

Metro police say Espino, who was working as a contractor, hauling loads of sand, will most likely receive a citation for running the red light and causing the accident.

Before disappearing, the driver said the sun had prevented him from seeing the red light. Despite his claims, authorities on the scene noted the sun was actually coming from behind him at the time of the truck accident.

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