Mexico Party Proposes Temporary Marriage Bill

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Oct-2011


After looking at rising divorce statistics, some officials in Mexico are proposing a controversial option for prospective couples, that they believe could reduce the difficulty of getting a divorce, should a the relationship not work out.

Democratic Revolution leftist party member, Leonel Luna, proposed a bill that would have couples sign a marriage contract that lasts a mere two years. Once the two years is over, the couple would have the option to renew their commitment.

In effect, the first couple years of a marriage would be more of a contract, which would specify ownership of property and custody agreements ahead of time as well as benefits and distribution.

The proposal of the “temporary” marriage in Mexico has been stemmed by an increase in divorce among couples and the suffering, emotional and financial hardship affecting those dealing with an ending marriage deal with, according to those pushing the new bill. According to the bill, couples who decided not to renew their marriage after the two years could split up without a conventional divorce.

While proponents of the marriage bill in Mexico believe it may pass, Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church has publicly opposed it as “irresponsible and immoral.”

In Texas, divorce rates round out at about 3.3 per thousand, coming in much lower than the United States average of 5.5 per thousand in 2009. But while Texans may be getting fewer divorces, data accompanying divorce rates impacted by a struggling economy have not yet been released, causing some to wonder how failing finances may affect relationships in America.

No matter what the rates or percentages are, divorce is a struggle many Americans face every day, impacting financial and personal lives. In fact, in 2002, 7.8 million people in the U.S. paid out almost 40 billion in spousal or child support.

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