Michelin Announces Tire Recall Involving 1.2 Million Vehicles

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Dec-2013

A Michelin tire recall, which was recently announced, is affecting more than a million vehicles produced between 2010 and 2012, officials have revealed. The defective tires include equipment that has experienced tread separation and instances of rapid air loss, the tire company said.

According to the tire recall, the affected equipment is at risk of tread separation as a result of tire defects affecting light and large trucks, vans and smaller RV’s.

Tires affected by potential tread separation include equipment on new vehicles as well as replacement tires.

The defective tires were outfitted on more than 1.2 million trucks, vans and RV’s, Michelin revealed.

Tread separation can be a serious hazard for drivers, affecting them when they least expect it, often while traveling at high rates of speed. Loss of control is a common result and many drivers may attempt to regain control of their vehicles by overcorrecting, sparking rollover accidents and serious single-vehicle wrecks.

The Michelin tire recall is even more alarming because of the types of vehicles affected: vans, trucks and RV’s. Vans, SUV’s and pickup trucks already have a higher risk of rollover, making the loss of control associated with tread separation and tire blowouts even riskier for occupants. A much higher center of gravity makes it easier to tip or roll a truck, SUV or van when drivers experience a loss of control.

Tire failure on the driver’s side rear tire can be particularly dangerous, making it extremely difficult for drivers to maintain or regain control of their vehicle. Warmer temperatures can also make tread separation and tire blowouts more common as the heat and change in tire pressure affect already damaged or defective tires.

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