Midland Rollover Accident Kills Two on I-20

A rollover accident in Midland claimed the lives of a West Haven couple and two other people when the driver of the SUV involved, lost control on I-20 on Sunday, police said.

The driver of the SUV was identified as 58-year-old Kathryn Gragg, a resident of Black Mountain, North Carolina. Her husband, Harold Gragg was also killed in the Midland car accident.

Police also identified passenger, Sharon Crawford as a victim of the fatal I-20 crash. Her husband, Phillip Crawford was transported to a hospital in Midland where he later died.

SUV’s have a particular vulnerability to rolling over because of the higher center of gravity and sometimes boxy designs. But while they may have a propensity of rolling over, the roof, glass, seatbelts, airbags and other safety equipment in a vehicle are designed to protect SUV occupants from serious injury and death.

In many rollover accidents, ejection is the most common cause of serious injury and death resulting from a rollover accident. While ejection can be tied to failure to wear a seatbelt or the existence of a defective seatbelt, partial ejection can also occur if a vehicle’s glass is defective and fails to keep occupants in the vehicle.

Auto makers have the technology and know how to protect vehicle occupants during rollover accidents, making it important to hold manufacturers and retailers responsible for auto defects and recalls that come too late, after consumers are already affected by dangers resulting.

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