Mom finds glass-like particles in Huggies baby wipes

Parents from Florida have found shiny particles in their daughter’s baby wipes and believe they are pieces of glass or plastic causing the wipes to be abrasive on baby skin.

Last week, Kimberly Miner, a mother of two, posted a video on social media of what looked like glass pieces on a piece of cloth. The cloth was a Huggies baby wipe, and the shiny, abrasive specs are still unknown. Although unknown, the parents are sure the wipes have irritated their children’s skin.

Father, Steven Miner, tried the wipes for himself saying they irritated his skin as well.

“I took a wipe, rubbed it on my arm and told her ‘see nothing happened.’ Well, about 10 minutes later I really started noticing that it was starting to itch on my arm,” he said.

Huggies has claimed the specs on the wipes are not glass, but a rare case of fibers combining. The company mentioned glass or fiberglass was not used to make the wipes and could only be microfibers used to manufacture the wipes.

The company issued a statement saying, “Based on the findings of the independent testing, we are confident that our product is safe and poses no health risk to babies, so there are no plans to remove this product from the market.”

A Knoxville, Tenn. mother, Kelsea Andrews, who also found these shiny specs, is surprised by Huggies response. After speaking with a customer service representative, she was told the company was currently unaware of what the substance is and asked her to send in her wipes to be tested.

“They’re begging me to send in these wipes so that they can investigate and figure out what’s in it. So at the same time they are saying that, how can the company come forward and say, ‘Hey moms, it’s still OK to use our product’ when they’re not even for sure what’s in it in the first place?” said Andrews.

She believes the company was too quick to dismiss concerns and are not issuing any recalls.

“I don’t want any type of compensation,” Kimberly Miner said. “I don’t even want the money back for the wipes. I don’t want any coupons I’m not asking for free diapers I want them to recall the product. That’s it.”

Photo by: CNBC


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