Montana Man and Daughter Killed in Rollover Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Dec-2011

A Montana father and daughter were killed in a North Dakota rollover accident, when the driver lost control over their pickup truck on Interstate 94, North Dakota Highway Patrol officials said.

As the father was traveling westbound on the interstate, he lost control of the truck when it hit a slippery patch of road, which caused the truck to swerve into the median and roll into eastbound lanes of traffic before coming to a stop in a nearby ditch.

The girl’s mother was also a passenger in the vehicle. She was transported to Bismark Hospital via helicopter, authorities said.

All three occupants were wearing their seatbelt, police said. Investigation of the North Dakota car accident continues.

SUV’s and pickup truck as often a large source of rollover accidents across the nation because of the higher center of gravity and boxy designs that leave them vulnerable for overturning should the driver lose control or the car become tripped up. Because of the high propensity of rollover, truck and SUV manufacturers have a responsibility to protect consumers from the risks associated with rollover accidents.

Some of the sources of injury associated with truck and SUV rollovers include; weak or poorly designed roof pillars, defective glass, defective seatbelts or improper deployment of airbags. By designing vehicles with crashworthiness in mind and increasing testing standards, auto manufacturers can provide greater protection for occupants in vehicles, even if the car rolls over.

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