More Than 60 Killeen Animal Attacks in 2014

Central Texas officials are taking a serious look at the problem of rising animal attacks and dog bite incidents in the region after authorities reported more than 60 animal bite accidents in Killeen.

Although some instances of attacks have not involved life threatening injuries, some of the children who were injured in the dog bite accidents endured serious injuries.

While animal bite incidents can involve complex details and factors that can affect the ability to seek compensation tied to injuries and damages, officials recently highlighted the important responsibility that animal and dog owners have when it comes to protecting bystanders, children, neighbors and pedestrians from animals that could be potentially dangerous.

Whether an animal has attacked before or exhibited signs or dangerous behavior can be an important part of creating a case and helping injured victims seek just compensation to pay for medical treatment, future treatment necessary, time lost from work and an overall quality of life.

Despite the physical injuries tied to dog attacks and animal bites, the emotional trauma can also be extremely daunting for children and adults alike. Even adults who attempt to step in and protect children or vulnerable elderly can endure serious, long term injuries that can rock their lives and transform their quality of life.

Children exhibit a specific risk of dog bites injuries because of their tendency to trust animals that may not be safe. In situations where an animal has gotten free from a yard or was not adequately secured, the homeowner, property owner and/or animal’s owner may be held responsible for injuries occurring as a result.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed as a result of a dog or animal attack, call our dog attack lawyers in Killeen, San Antonio, Austin and statewide Texas for a free initial case evaluation regarding your potential case. With investigators right on staff, our team of attorneys have the resources to adequately investigate potential cases and reveal important details while seeking fair compensation for injuries, loss and other damages. We care. We can help.


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