Mother of Soldier Electrocuted in Iraq Files Suit Against KBR Inc.

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 4-Oct-2011

A federal judge ruled that Iraqi law should rule over a lawsuit filed by a mother of a soldier, who was electrocuted in the barracks showers at an Army base in Iraq, killing him at the age of 24.

Houston centered military contractor, KBR Inc. requested that Iraqi law govern the lawsuit, which stemmed from the January 2008 incident. But while KBR Inc. attorneys sought Iraqi government control over the suit, U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer held that U.S. law would apply since the base was under American control.

In addition to providing confirmation that U.S. would govern over the lawsuit, Fischer noted KBR’s position as “one that constantly shifts to a point where it eventually takes contradictory positions.”

According to KBR, the suit should not be governed by the United States because of the influence Iraqi law has on what occurred on the base, including construction practices or defective buildings.

Cheryl Harris and Douglas Maseth, the parents of the soldier contend, in the lawsuit, that KBR Inc. is responsible for the fatality because a defective pump shorted, provoking the accident.

KBR argues that multiple investigations have relinquished their responsibility in the fatal accident.

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