Motorcycle Awareness Month Highlights Importance of Rider Safety

With national Motorcycle awareness month underway, the safety of riders and drivers of passenger vehicles is likely to garner attention. And rightly so. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to endure fatal accidents than their passenger vehicle counter parts.

As drivers we may see auto accidents, collisions and fender benders on a daily basis. Despite how often we may witness auto wrecks, stretching the gamete of minor to life-altering, each instance can specifically transform the lives of victims and their families.

Accidents involving motorcyclists can be particularly deadly. With far less protection against injuries and from ejection, motorcyclists endure specific risks when they face collisions with much larger passenger and commercial vehicles. For every 100,000 registered passenger vehicles, the rate of fatalities was 14 in 2005. For the same number of registered motorcycles, the fatality rate was a staggering 73, highlighting the dangers associated with riding in contrast with driving, the Administration noted.

Head injuries are the leading cause of fatal injures experienced by motorcyclists who are involved in an accident, the NHTSA reports, making helmet use even more important. Although some states do not require helmet use by riders, motorcyclists who do not wear helmets are 15 percent more likely to experience injuries than those riders who are outfitted with helmets, the administration said.

As weather improves, gas prices rise and the region continues to see an influx of military personnel returning home, the number of motorcycles in Texas and across the central region, specifically, continues to climb. The NHTSA reports that the number of registered motorcycles on our roads directly correlates with the number of fatalities and injuries reported across the nation.

Motorcycle Accidents and Visibility

One of the most important things motorcyclists can do to protect themselves while traveling the highways and interstates across Texas is make oneself clearly visible to other motorists. In contrast, drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles have an important responsibility to stay aware of the presence of other vehicles, motorcycles included. Mobile and electronic devices, passengers, cell phones and even music can all be extremely distracting, making it difficult for drivers to react to other drivers adequately.

Factors Tied to Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

While there can a number of things that spark auto accidents and collisions with motorcycles across the nation, some of the most common reasons tied to accidents include:

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