Motorcyclist Killed in Accident with 18 Wheeler on I-35 in San Antonio

A motorcyclist was killed on Wednesday morning, in a motorcycle accident with an 18 wheeler truck on I-35 in San Antonio, police said.

Police identified the motorcyclist as Sylvia Rincon. Rincon was pronounced dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident on I-35 in San Antonio.

Officials believe the accident resulted when the motorcycleclipped the back of the 18 wheeler truck, causing the motorcyclist to lose control of the bike and crash.

The truck driver also lost control, overturning near Southwest Military Drive, on the I-35 access road.

Authorities had to shut down the northbound lanes of I-35 to clean up the wreck, causing a snarl in morning traffic.

Motorcycle and 18 wheeler trucks both have factors that can provoke risks on the roadways. In some situations it can be very difficult for truck drivers to see motorcyclists, making attentive driving imperative to keeping traffic flowing smoothly.


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