Multiple Vehicle and Truck Accident Snarls Traffic on I-35

A multiple vehicle accident involving four 18 wheeler trucks and three passenger vehicles left at least one person with injuries on Wednesday.

The 18 wheeler accident is being linked to failure to control speed.

The victim who was injured was not identified by police, nor did they reveal whether that person was a truck driver or occupant in one of the passenger vehicles involved in the multi-vehicle car accident on I-35.

Interstate 35 endred severe traffic conditions as a result of the crash, backing up tracking for miles. The wreckage was finally cleared by Wednesday afternoon, officials revealed.

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The speed limit on many of the stretches of I-35 were raised in the last couple years, allowing drivers to clock speeds as high as 70 mph. But despite the higher speed limits, some drivers are traveling at even higher rates of speed than posted limits, yielding even more dangerous interstate conditions for drivers of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicle occupants alike.

Although it can be tempting to travel at higher rates of speed, driving at unsafe speeds can make it much more difficult for drivers to react adequately, stop in time and avoid some of the obstacles they may face on the Texas roadways. Keeping an adequate distance and at a safe, posted speed can give drivers the time necessary to react to the various accidents and actions surrounding.

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