Navasota Woman and Sons Injured in Brazos Rollover Accident

A woman was seriously injured in a rollover car accident in Brazos County Thursday night, when her son lost control of the vehicle and it overturned several times, ejecting her from her Ford Explorer, police said.

Officials identified the woman who was injured as 35-year-old Maria Tovar, of Navasota. Her 14-yar-old son was also thrown from the Explorer as it rolled. Maria Tovar’s 17-year-old son, Guadalupe Tovar, was identified as the driver of the Ford SUV.

Both of Maria Tovar’s sons were also transported to the hospital for the treatment of injuries they endured in the Brazos rollover accident on FM 2154. Maria was still listed in serious condition, officials said.

SUV’s pose a particular risk of rolling over because of their higher center of gravity and specific propensity for overturning, if they become imbalanced or tripped up on a surface or object.

In addition to the specific risks of rollovers that SUV’s and pickup truck possess, some occupants can experience risks of ejection from the vehicle, especially if seatbelts fail or defective glass fails to protect them, keeping them within the vehicle.

The materials as well as the latch on a seatbelt can sometimes fail in defective safety restraints, leaving occupants vulnerable to ejection from the SUV or truck.

Although there are some auto defects that can result in injuries and even death during a rollover accident, some victims may initially blame themselves for overcorrection or loss of control, when, in reality, some injuries and deaths may have been protected by properly operating auto equipment.

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