NTSB Encourages Nation-wide Ban on Mobile Phone Use By Commerical Drivers

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 12-Oct-2011

A Kentucky 18-wheeler accident has sparked a recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board in Texas, among other states, to ban the use of mobile devices among commercial drivers.

The 18-wheeler accident that provoked concern among the board resulted when a truck driver crossed a median, crushing a 15-person van and killing 9 adults and two children. Officials on the scene of the accident believe the truck driver was distracted by his cell phone.

The NTSB is now advising states to adopt a ban of mobile devices, even with hands free accessories attached. While many states continue to allow the use of cell phones and mobile devices for those using hands free attachments, 34 states have banned texting while driving. Nine states have restricted all cell phone use, with hands free devices or otherwise.

Texas attempted to ban texting while driving in an effort to reduce Texas auto accidents but the bill was vetoed.

In school zones, Texas drivers are restricted from using cell phones unless they are synced with hands-free accessories.

While the NTSB has encouraged mobile devices by drivers of personal vehicles, they strongly recommended that commercial drivers, such as truck drivers, bus drivers and other operators be banned from using cell phones completely, while driving in order to protect surrounding vehicles from potentially deadly 18 wheeler truck accidents.

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