Oil Plant Explosion in Channelview Kills Contractor, Injures Worker

An explosion at a oil plant, Oiltanking Partners, L.P., in Channelview, resulted in the death of an independent contractor as well as the injury of another worker, authorities said, Saturday.

According to a statement released by Oiltanking Partners L.P., the explosion was caused by a malfunction in a welding machine.

The company nor police have released the identity of the contractor killed or the other workers injured in the oil tank explosion in Chennelview.

With an influx in the booming oil industry has come a rise in injuries tied to the tasks at hand, oil truck traffic and employees seeking employment within the, sometimes, dangerous work.

Oil truck traffic has been a source of controversy among Texans, looking to keep roadways safe in addition to those operating the trucks on roadways that may not have been designed to accommodate the high levels of big rig congestion.

While the rising number of trucks, tied to the oil industry, have been a concern, workers and their families members may also find the dangers associated with the jobs themselves of concern. Proper training, maintenance of equipment, safety equipment and technology that accompanies changes in the industry, as research becomes available, is vital to keeping workers safe, whether contract or direct hires.

In some cases where oil field accidents or oil plant accidents cause serious injuries or death, better training, higher standards and more stringent maintenance of equipment may have prevented tragic consequences that affect worker families as well as the ability of some workers to continue to support their families with future industry work.


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