Oilfield Accident in Orla, Texas Kills Two, Nine Injured

An oilfield accident in South Texas claimed the lives of two workers and injured 9 others on Wednesday, officials reported. The Loving County oilfield explosion occurred on Orla, Texas, authorities noted.

One of the men killed in the explosion at the oil drill site was identified as 46-year-old Amos Ortega, officials said Wednesday afternoon.

The explosion at the oil drilling site is being tied to a build-up in pressure. Police said the workers were forced to drive a few miles to gain service in their cell phones in order to call for emergency help.

The workers are being tied to RKI Exploration, a company headquartered out of Carlsbad, Texas, authorities revealed.

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In addition to internal investigations being conducted by RKI, OSHA will, reportedly, investigate the Orla, Texas explosion. In addition, officials said the Texas Railroad Commission is conducting investigations.

Although Loving County has not reported any other accidents tied to oilfield work in the region, oilfield accidents are not uncommon in South Texas. Instead, the influx of oilfield work and accompanying labor has created a boom in accident; both workplace in nature and oilfield truck accidents in Texas. Proper training and accountability are important parts of protecting other vehicles, bystanders and employees from the dangers associated with excess traffic and the rising number of vehicles, many large in size, sharing the roadways.

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