One Dead in Killeen Motorcycle Accident on Rancier

A Killeen motorcycle accident claimed the life of one young man on Tuesday evening when his bike crashed into the side of a van on Rancier, police revealed.

The young man was identified as 18-year-old Chase Evans. Police said Evans was pronounced dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident in Killeen. One of the occupants within the van that Evans struck was also treated for injuries tied to the collision.

The motorcycle crash occurred near the intersection at Crockett Drive, officials reported.

With an influx of military personnel and motorcycle lovers alike, collisions involving motorcycles in Central Texas continue to be a problem for drivers and riders. Taking one’s eyes off the road for even mere seconds can make it more difficult to spot and react to a motorcycle or other vehicle nearby, making it vital for drivers to pay close attention to the task at hand.

In addition to being much more difficult to see, motorcyclists have much less protection should an accident or collision occur. Many motorcycle wrecks result in serious injuries and the death of riders who are no match for much bigger vehicles sharing the roadways.

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