One Injured in San Antonio Truck Accident on I-35

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 14-Nov-2012

At least one person was injured on Wednesday morning when two trucks collided while traveling on I-35 in San Antonio near Loop 1604, officials said.

Although police have not identified who it was that was injured in the truck accident in San Antonio, they did report that the person was transported by ground ambulance to the hospital for the treatment of injuries incurred in the wreck.

Authorities said the truck crash occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. and investigations are still underway to determine what may have sparked the collision.

Truck accidents on I-35 are sometimes frequent because of the influx of 18 wheeler traffic on the roadway as companies transport loads across the state. But while truck traffic is a necessary means of transporting goods across the nation, safety is a vital aspect that driver, companies and truck manufacturers must promote in order to protect themselves and rivers of surrounding passenger vehicles.

The way a semi-truck is loaded, truck driver training and maintenance on vehicles are all imperative to keeping big rigs operating at optimum levels and keeping occupants on Texas interstates safe from serious accidents that can occur as a result of crashes involving 18 wheeler trucks.

Truck Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

If you’ve lost a loved one or endured injuries because of the negligence of a truck driver, poor truck maintenance and/or loading or improper training by truck employers and companies, call our truck accident attorneys in San Antonio, Austin and across the state at 254-633-2983.

At The Carlson Law Firm, our 18 wheeler lawyers are familiar with the complications and minute details associated with truck wrecks. In addition, our team of private investigators, right on staff, are available to quickly gather important details and evidence related to the accidents our clients endure, before witness accounts become fuzzy, markings in the roadways disappear and vehicles are towed away. Call our Semi-truck lawyers in San Antonio and across the state today for a free consultation or email us your story. We care. We can help.


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