One Killed, Eight Injured in 18 Wheeler Truck Accident in Houston

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Jul-2012

A truck accident left eight people injured and one man dead when a big rig rear ended one of the vehicles involved in the accident while four vehicles were stopped in a construction zone, officials said.

Although police have not yet released names for the victim killed in the 18 wheeler accident in Houston nor the people injured, they did note that four vehicles were involved, in addition to the big rig. The eight people injured were transported to hospitals in Dallas, Tyler and Crockett with injuries they endured in the crash.

Lufkin resident, 53-year-old Pamela Moran was one of the occupants of an involved vehicle that was injured. Moran was recently listed in stable condition.

Bryan resident, 49-year-old Leona Jaramillo and two children in her vehicle, 5-year-old Alondra and 4-year-old Andrea, endured minor injuries as a result of the car accident.

Hemphill resident, 85-year-old Farrel Hooks was also listed in stable condition.

Roadworker, 24-year-old Christopher Patton, a resident of Nacogdoches also experienced minor injuries.

Two of the injured victims were transported via helicopter. In addition, a child was transported to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Authorities identified the vehicles involved in the multiple vehicle collision as a Dodge pickup truck, a silver Buick sedan, a Ford Ranger pickup truck and a black Buick sedan.

Police believe the accident occurred when the 18 wheeler slammed into the back of one of the vehicles, smashing it into the vehicle in front of it and sparking a chain reaction of crashes.

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