One Killed in Cleveland, Texas RV Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Nov-2011

An RV towing a Honda CRV rolled over, killing one, last week just south of Cleveland near Fostoria Road, officials said.

Authorities believe the RV lost control, leaving the roadway and smashing into the brush nearby. According to witnesses, who arrived shortly after the accident occurred, it appeared as though the cruise control may have been stuck or that the driver’s foot never left the gas pedal.

The tires on the RV continued spinning well after the crash occurred, sparking a fire.

Cleveland Fire Academy students, driving nearby, witnessed the RV accident and attempted to free the driver. The students were unsuccessful as the RV was engulfed in flames, becoming too hot.

Police said the driver of the RV was thought to be a Pasadena, Texas resident. The victim’s identity is pending family notification.

No one else was injured or killed in the Texas RV accident. We send our condolences to the family and friends of the victim killed in this heartbreaking accident.

Though authorities continue to investigate the tragic accident outside of Cleveland, the revelation of defective auto products are sometimes revealed as investigations take place surrounding various accidents. Problems with cruise control have long been an issue with some vehicles, with Ford recalling almost 4.5 million vehicles equipped with faulty cruise control switches in 2009.

One way consumers can stay updated regarding recalls and newly discovered information about possible auto defects is by ensuring information remains current so notification can be efficiently received.


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