One Killed in East Texas Fire Explosion Linked to Uncapped Propane

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Jan-2014

An uncapped, open propane pipeline sparked a fiery explosion, and subsequent house fire, in rural Texas near Canton, about 50 miles East of Dallas, officials reported.

One woman was killed as a result of the propane explosion, police said. That victim was identified as Rita Armstrong, 63. Armstrong was the only person in the house when it exploded from the propone exposure on Sunday afternoon.

Although other residents reportedly lived at the home with Armstrong, no one else was present at the time of the blast, fire authorities said.

In some instances where a house fire has taken lives or left residents with serious burns and injuries, homeowners and those injured may search for answers, blaming themselves for failing to prevent a house fire or explosion. But despite the unanswered questions and guilt, some home fires may be linked to defective products, such as bad heaters, furnaces or appliances that left homeowners and residents vulnerable to injuries and death from unexpected fires.

House Fire Investigations

One of the most important steps in uncovering the truth surrounding a house fire is understanding what caused it, where it started while revealing important facts. At The Carlson Law Firm, our lawyers are supported by research specialists with military and law enforcement backgrounds and years of experience investigating car accidents, fires, bad products and other types of personal injury matters. As a result, we have access to vital resources and evidence, quickly, which is imperative to many of our clients’ cases and potential lawsuits.

Because of the complexities associated with property fires, the importance of quick and thorough investigation and the different entities that may be linked, gaining information and data in a prompt manner is important to each potential house fire case, making it vital for victims and their loved ones to seek help right away.

House Fire Injury Lawyers

One of the leading causes of Texas house fires are heaters, which when not maintained properly or defective, can be a serious hazard for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. In addition to properly working appliances and heaters within homes and apartments, having adequate smoke alarms is equally imperative to protecting residents and visitors from serious injuries and death. While most homes are equipped with smoke alarms, if they are not operating properly, they can fail to protect and notify those within a home if a fire does occur.

For a free consultation, call our Texas house fire injury lawyers 24/7. We care. We can help.


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