One Killed in Multi-Vehicle Motorcycle Accident in Austin on RM 2222

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 18-Mar-2013

A multi-vehicle accident in Austin sent several people to the hospital and claimed the life of one motorcyclist involved in the collision on RM 2222, officials reported.

Although police have not yet identified those who were injured in the Austin car wreck or the person who was killed in the fatal accident, officials did say four people were transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge.

Emergency officials at the scene of the Northwest Austin traffic accident called STAR Flight as a result of the collision.

A Saturn reportedly drifted into the opposite lanes of traffic, crashing into two motorcycles traveling west on RM 2222. Police did not identify whether the person killed in the crash was a motorcyclist or an occupant in a vehicle involved.

Collisions involving motorcyclists can be especially grievous for victims on bikes because of lacking protection that leaves them extremely vulnerable to injury and death. While helmets offers some protection against brain and head injuries, ejection from a motorcycle and the impact of a collision with a much larger motor vehicle can have detrimental, long-lasting and sometimes fatal repercussions.

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