One Killed in Waco Construction Accident Near Brazos River

A construction accident in Waco turned fatal after a worker went missing near the Baylor pedestrian bridge. Police later found the construction worker’s body in Waco’s Brazos River.

Police identified the man who was killed as 55-year-old Jose Dario Suarez, a resident of Manor Texas.

According to officials, two men were involved in the construction accident, where a construction boom fell into the Brazos River. One of those workers was able to swim to safety. He was transported to Waco’s Providence Health Center, where he was treated for hypothermia. Suarez was not able to swim to safety, as his body was still attached to the construction boom when it fell into the river. His body was later recovered in the river, emergency officials reported.

Police said the Waco construction accident occurred at approximately 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Investigations are still underway.

Construction accidents are the most common type of workplace accident, with one in every five workplace accidents involving construction workers, according to the CDC.

While standards, laws and training can help safeguard workers from the dangers associated with construction fall accidents and other types of incidents, inadequate training, faulty equipment and even drug and alcohol abuse can affect workers and leave them even more vulnerable to workplace accidents. Since company owners, contractors, architects and equipment maintenance companies can all be involved in the details associated with a construction accident, navigating through the evidence and information involved can be overwhelming for victims and their loved ones.

In addition to making sure employees and contractors are properly trained and equipped, warning workers and bystanders of the potential hazards at a work site is also vital to protecting against needless injuries and wrongful death.

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