Oregon Judge Refuses to Throw Out Private Military Contractor Lawsuit

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Sep-2012

Despite KBR’s efforts to overcome a recent lawsuit stemming from Oregon National Guard exposure to dangerous chemicals while deployed in Iraq, a Judge declined to throw out the lawsuit against the civilian contracting giant, head quartered out of Houston, Texas.

According to the lawsuits against the Texas private military contractor, the company was aware of the presence of the chemicals at a water treatment plant in Iraq, used by the National Guard group. As a result of the exposure to carcinogens and hexavalent chromium, some of the soldiers who had been stationed and exposed to water from the treatment plant, some of the soldiers experienced health problems that their attorneys have tied to sodium dichromate at Qarmat Ali in Iraq.

In addition to injuries the soldier claim resulted from their exposure to the dangerous carcinogen, lawyers for the troops involved in the Oregon National Guardsmen lawsuit against KBR claim that the private military contractor attempted to conceal the fact that the water may have been contaminated.

Although the lawsuit filed by the National Guard members who were exposed charges negligence by the civilian contracting company, similar claims and health problems are not new to the military. In fact, between 1957 and 1987, as many as a million family members, contractors, sailors and marines are estimated to have been exposed to dangerous chemicals in their drinking water at Camp Lejeune, a marine base in North Carolina.

No matter the claim, the health effects suffered by military members then (in North Carolina) and more recently in Iraq have raised questions regarding the forthcoming, or lack thereof, when discovery of possible exposure is uncovered in the drinking water or soldiers, marines, sailors and other members of the U.S. Military.

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