Overturned 18 Wheeler Truck Causes Traffic Headache in North Texas

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Nov-2011

An overturned 18 wheeler in Texas sparked traffic congestion during rush hour travels in Dallas early this morning, officials said.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., on Highway 30, near Lamar Street, the big rig rolled, causing concern among clean-up crews regarding the status of hazardous materials that may have been on board the tractor-trailer.

Filled with medical supplies, officials believe the truck must first be emptied before it can be safely removed from North Texas roadways. Because of the difficulty surrounding the clean-up of the Texas 18 wheeler accident, authorities encourage motorists to choose an alternate route to avoid the headache associated with the big rig crash on Highway 30.

Like SUV’s and pickup trucks, 18 wheeler trucks can overturn when they become tripped up on an object or a surface or they have a defective part or piece of equipment that malfunctions and sparks loss of control. In addition, negligent operation can sometimes cause vehicle loss of control, including instances of truck driver fatigue or the influence of drugs or alcohol. But while passenger vehicles that are more prone to rollover accidents are dangerous when overturned, mammoth trucks can be a fatal hazard to other vehicles in addition to the occupants within the truck itself.

Often, single-vehicle accidents are primarily tied to passenger vehicle rollover crashes. On the other hand, large trucks that become overturned can be fatal to multiple cars and occupants because of the mere size associated.

Drivers sharing the road with trucks can take particular care by giving trucks plenty of room and trying to avoid blinds spots when possible. While it can sometimes be impossible to avoid a collision with an overturned 18 wheeler truck, driving defensively and offering truck drivers plenty of room could help provide extra time and room for late reactions, should a dangerous accident ensue.

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