Passenger Killed in Rollover Accident on FM 3090 in Grimes County, Driver Injured

A rollover accident claimed the life of one passenger and left the driver of the vehicle with serious head injuries on Sunday, police said.

Officials said the accident occurred on FM 3090 outside of Navasota, when the driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle, swerving off the roadway and striking a tree before overturning.

Police identified the driver of the vehicle as Karen Keanice Crenshaw, a resident of Anderson, Texas. Crenshaw was transported to College Station Medical Center. Police said she was wearing a seatbelt.

The passenger, who was killed in the single vehicle accident, was identified as Burton resident, Robert Lynn Nienstedt, who was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Police do not believe Nienstedt was wearing a seatbelt.

Despite the dangers associated with rollover accidents, many victims who endure such a wreck only endure minor injuries. On the other hand, in some instances where auto equipment fails or flaws prevent them from protecting occupants, the results can be fatal.

The roof of a vehicle can be one important indicator of its safety, with pillars that are designed to reinforce the roof and protect the vulnerable space between the roof of a vehicle and the head and neck of occupants. In some circumstances where head, neck and spinal trauma occur, the roof of the vehicle may have failed to protect the occupant from the force of a surface as it smashes into the roof. Whether a roof protects the space between the head and roof is tied to a vehicle’s crashworthiness.

Car accidents can difficult enough without the added guilt and stress that accompanies drivers and their loved ones, who may look for ways they could have done things differently in a specific situation. But despite the what if’s, in some cases, a vehicle or defective auto equipment may have failed to protect occupants or caused harm in and of themselves.


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