Pedestrian Accident in Killeen Near Sugar Loaf Injures 5-Year-Old

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Nov-2012

A pedestrian accident in Killeen sent a five-year-old girl to Scott & White Hospital with serious injuries on Friday after she was struck while crossing at the intersection of Pamela Drive and Kimberly Lane, officials said.

Although police have not released the identity of the minor child, who was injured in the pedestrian accident near Sugarloaf Elementary, authorities reported that the girl was flown to the hospital for the treatment of injuries she sustained.

Police reported that the young girl was struck after a van stopped and waved a group of children across the intersection. Subsequently, an SUV attempted to go around the van and struck the five-year-old.

The Killeen school zone accident occurred at approximately 3 p.m. Police are still investigating the injury accident near Sugarloaf.

School zones and intersections near playgrounds and regions frequented by children and students require attentive driving and adherence to school zone speed limits and restraint of cell phone use. But despite laws guarding children and students traveling by foot to and from school, pedestrian accidents and injuries resulting in school zones because of inattention or careless driving are all-too frequent.

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