Pedestrian Killed in Waco Hit and Run Accident on Waco Drive

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Dec-2013

A pedestrian hit and run accident in Waco, Texas claimed the life of a 51-year-old woman, when she was struck on Waco Drive on Sunday, police reported.

The woman was identified by officials as Waco resident Norma Alicia Valdez.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Valdez did not remain on the scene of the pedestrian accident. Police said the vehicle was identified as a blue Dodge Magnum and may have endured damage to its front fender.

A car accident and the injuries and death resulting can be hard enough for victims and their families without the added stress of a driver who fled the scene or fails to take responsibility for his or her actions. While holding irresponsible or reckless drivers responsible for their actions won’t bring back a loved one or turn back time to when injuries didn’t affect one’s job, family and finances, our car accident attorneys hope that we can help our clients seek closure and compensation that helps them moved forward.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a hit and run accident, our team of auto accident lawyers, backed by the expertise of private investigators, may be able to help you seek important answers surrounding your accident or the fatal collision of a loved one. For a free consultation, don’t hesitate, call today. We care. We can help.


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