Pedestrians be aware: left-hand turns more dangerous than right

Left-hand turns are significantly more dangerous than right hand turns, according to a study by the New York City Department of Transportation.

The report, dubbed “Don’t Cut Corners”, also reveals that runners, bike riders and senior citizens are most at risk of being injured by a vehicle during a left-hand turn. They also found that pedestrians and bicyclists are killed or severely injured by a left-turning vehicle at over three times the rate of pedestrian and bicyclist who are killed or severely injured by a right-turning vehicle.

“Left turns are more dangerous than right turns for three main reasons: left turns can be taken at a wider radius, which leads to higher speeds and greater pedestrian exposure; the driver’s visibility is partially obscured by parked cars and the vehicle’s A-pillar; and left turns are more complicated than rights, and require more mental and physical effort (“driver workload”) than right turns,” the findings reveal..

The study also concluded that seniors are more likely to be injured from a left-hand turn than any other age group. And even more alarming is that these accidents occurred at intersections with crossing signals, or when turning off of a one-way street.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Association, nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents each year, and that in 2012, 76,000 pedestrians suffered serious injuries when they were hit by a car or truck.

Injuries that can occur

Even at slow speeds, the chance for injury is great when a person is struck by a moving vehicle. It is not uncommon for pedestrians who have been hit by cars to suffer:

Tips for pedestrian safety:

In order to remain safe as a pedestrian, it is important that you keep in mind a few simple tips. These pedestrian safety tips can be the difference between life and injury or death.

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