Port Arthur School Bus Accident Leaves Four Injured

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 12-Jan-2012

A Port Arthur school bus and a passenger car collided Thursday morning, leaving at least four people injured, Texas Department of Public Safety officials said.

According to police, two people from the passenger vehicle were transported to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas hospital with injuries. Two other people who endured injuries resulting from the Port Arthur school bus accident were transported to Christus Hospital in St. Mary.

An update regarding the status of injuries or the identities of the victims of the car accident have not yet been revealed as police continue to investigate the bus crash and what may have caused it.

A vehicle that is approved to carry 10 or more passengers is defined by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as a bus. From greyhound bus accidents to school bus crashes, the drivers of buses and those in charge of maintaining the vehicles have an important responsibility to keep bus occupants safe and ensure the vehicle is adequately maintained to perform at an optimum level.

Poor maintenance of a bus, like a truck, can often result in needless accidents that could have easily been prevented by keeping up with the safety equipment, brakes, tires, steering and other vital aspects of how a bus operates.

Additionally, the driver of a bus may also be held responsible for unsafe practices, negligent driving, inattention or recklessness leading to serious injuries and death by both bus passengers and other vehicle occupants sharing the roadways.

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